It's everything your sports drink should be

minoTOR™ was specifically formulated for avid fitness enthusiasts. Our goal was to create a great tasting, truly functional, ready-to-drink, premium sports supplement that would allow you to grow leaner, stronger, muscles, supply you with sustained energy, and accelerate recovery. We are dedicated to educating our community and providing you with high quality products that allow you to lead a healthier lifestyle through fitness.

Our Story

In 2010 we were captivated by the idea of creating a new health and fitness product with an effective formula that got results. The foundation for our company and our product is built upon passion, innovation, hard work, and proven nutritional science. These ideologies are further realized through our core values of integrity, community, health, fitness, and education. In an effort to supplement our active lifestyles with effective, quality products, we came to the stark realization that there were no good sports drinks…or at least none that we wanted to drink. In that instant we set out to challenge the status quo and evolve a stagnant industry; to create something better, something unprecedented…something that got results!

Our driving forces are to be prideful and passionate, innovative, and motivational. We have taken everything into consideration. Our three keys to success were quite simple really. It had to taste amazing, it had to be effective, and it had to have mass appeal and intrigue. It had to have curb appeal, so we designed our label to be eye catching and intriguing, elegant, yet fashionable. Even the colors we chose have meaning. We chose to use natural flavors, no artificial colors, no preservatives, and no extra fillers. When you open the bottle the first thing you’ll notice is the refreshing aroma that begs you to try it. A cool, crisp, refreshing flavor profile offers great drinkability and after you've finished, you’ll notice a clean, energized feeling with no aftertaste, residue or coating. Dedication and hard work have allowed us to bring you the best, most effective product we could offer. At the end of the day, it all came down to creating a product that we could stand behind 100% and be proud of. We believe we have done just that.


  • Vision

    Our goal is to pursue and promote healthier lifestyles and better physical performance through fitness, education and nutritional science.

  • Mission

    We are dedicated to be the world’s leading supplier of ready to drink premium sports supplements. With aggressive strategic marketing and innovation we will proudly and passionately deliver an unrivaled experience that instills a sense of meaningful happiness through our core values; integrity, community, health, fitness, and education.

  • Position

    For fitness minded, health conscious, hard working men and women, minoTOR™ is the premium sports supplement for the athlete in all of us!

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An Evolved Fitness Beverage

minoTOR™ delivers sustained energy through better body functionality. Muscle fatigue is delayed, endurance is increased, and overall RPE is improved making activities “feel” easier, promoting lean muscle gain and spurring fat loss. All of this combined allows you to train harder, longer, accelerate recovery, and gets you back to the things you love faster.