minoTOR™ provides you with sustained energy through better body functionality.

Energy is derived from the breakdown of nutrients such as glucose, amino acids and fatty acids. These nutrients get broken down into your body’s energy source known as Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) through phosphagens, glycolysis, and aerobic respiration.

Both essential and non-essential amino acids are necessary for Mammalian Target of Rapamycin (mTOR) signaling pathway activation and protein synthesis. If essential amino acids such as BCAA’s are missing, synthesis comes to a halt. Higher blood plasma concentrations of Leucine trigger mTOR signaling and protein synthesis more effectively. These process are more readily triggered so long as amino acids are consumed and utilized, as they cannot be stored. If they are not used then they are stripped of nitrogen and passed through urea and the protein shell is converted to energy (ATP).

Oxygen and nutrient rich red blood cells are they key to creating energy that fuels all other processes. You can improve oxygen utilization by creating more, properly formed, oxygen rich red blood cells, which are bound to hemoglobin, that widen the capillaries and cause vasodilation. During anaerobic energy production waste products such as lactic acid are formed as byproducts. Lactic acid causes fatigue. In conjunction with other processes, removing waste products such as lactic acid, effectively improves your Time to Fatigue (TTF) and Anaerobic Threshold (AT). This allows you to train harder, longer also effectively increasing your VO2 Max, Stroke Volume, and Cardiac Output, which brings us full circle to providing your body and muscles with more oxygen and nutrient rich red blood cells.